About Us

Here at The Doodle Dynasty (Multigen Goldendoodles), we are a family run breeder in Santa Clarita, Ca. We specializes in breeding the allergy friendly, extremely low to non shedding multi generational Goldendoodles with the shaggy teddy bear coats.

At the Doodle Dynasty we pride themselves in bringing our clients Multigen “Teddy Bear” Goldendoodles!! These are sometimes referred to as “teddy bear Goldendoodles” because of their Teddy-Bear look. They will often look like a plush puppy doll when they are young.

We raise multigenerational Goldendoodles, which are Goldendoodles bred to Goldendoodles. Our goal is to provide you with the happy and healthy dog of a lifetime. Our puppies embody the playful and loving attitude of golden retrievers combined with the intelligence and loyalty of poodles. These puppies are very loved and well taken care of. We specialize in medium Goldendoodles that typically weigh between 35 and 55 pounds. These dogs love going on long walks, runs, and hikes with their owners.

Puppies Health

We strive to ensure the health, well-being, and foundational training of every pup. Another thing that can be guaranteed as that our teddy-bear puppies are hard to resist with their sweet, lovable personalities. Here at The Doodle Dynasty, we take great joy in raising our puppies in our home with a loving family environment to support them. That means our puppies are whelped in our home and raised as part of the family.

We also prepare each puppy with each of the essential vaccinations and shots needed to allow for happy, healthy pets as they grow. Doodle Dynasty provides every puppy with an abundance of love and a rock solid foundation from the beginning.

We let each puppy grow to the proper adoption age while nurturing their growth with premium dog-food, hospitable living spaces, and plenty of room to play and exercise. They are bred for great temperaments and intelligence as well as no/low shedding, hypoallergenic and hybrid vigor qualities.

Dynasty Doodles Are Beautiful Goldendoodles

Dynasty Doodles are beautiful Goldendoodles with soft, low to non-shedding coats. These are perfect pets for those looking for wonderful companions or family dogs, they are just the right size to be the snuggly dogs they are meant to be. We understand what an important addition a puppy can be to your family so we never compromise on our doodle’s health, temperament, or intelligence.

(The owners, Raul and Betty had previously bred Cocker Spanials until they fell in love with the Goldendoodle. Having experience as a breeder they were meticulous in choosing the puppies that they were to call their own. Bringing home new family members is that important. They were also well aware that breeding would be in their future and they wanted to make sure they would be able to deliver to their clients the same quality of puppy that they would choose for themselves.)