The Parents


Bella is a red F1B Goldendoodle. She weighs approximately 38lbs. She loves attention and will do anything to get you to play “fetch” with her. Great energy, super sweet and very athletic. She has amazing body lines which are obvious when she walks and every stride screams effortless beauty and grace. We almost named her “Princess” because royalty oozes from her stance and engagement. She is physical perfection.


Doctor is a white F1B Goldendoodle with a touch of golden color on his ears and his back.  He weighs approximately 55lbs.  He also loves attention so it is not uncommon for both Bella and Doc to be outperforming each other to get.  Doctor is all pleasantries as he loves to both sit and stand by your side.  He is the easiest dog to take a walk with as he rarely if ever pulls on his leash. If you like kisses then you are in for a treat as Doctor has been freely giving kisses away since the day he arrived at our household. He is one big bundle of love.

Both parents have coats that run on the curly side and you would be hard pressed to find a strain of dog hair in our house as they rarely if ever shed.  They love family trips and especially love going to the beach where they play tag with the waves.